Q: Can I engrave beyond 14 letters on each rim for my bangles? 

The maximum of 14 letters is highly recommended as beyond that, your bangles will not look its best! However, you may get in touch with us should you want to proceed beyond 14 letters.

Q: Do your bangles come with boxes?

The Classic Bangles come with a blue box with a white interior whereas the Classic Rewritten Bangles come with a white marble box with a black interior. It is possible to change your blue boxes for the white marble ones. Simply get in touch with us or let us know of your preference in the notes section of your checkout page. 

Q: Are there any instocks for your items? 

Generally, there will be instocks of already-engraved bangles, although the availability of your desired size, colour, type as well as the words that have been engraved on it, will vary according to our demand. These bangles can and will be shipped out the next working day upon your purchase. If you would like personalised ones with your own letters engraved, then the 9 working days wait time will still apply. 

Phone cases are generally limited to preorders only. There may however be instocks in the event that several extras were made. As with the bangles, the availability of your desired model will vary accordingly. 

Q: What is the wait time like for your items? 

Please refer to the various product pages and its description for the estimated wait time. 

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